The Dog Bar in St. Petersburg

Questions and answers

Is this place only 21 and over.?

I think like most bars that serve food you can be under 21 until 8pm

Can you take your (Tame/domestic/licensed) raccoon here?

I'm going to say no because you cannot predicted what other dog's will do to a wild animal.. I mean.. you could call and ask them.

What time does this bar actually open. It says noon here and on their phone message. But I've been there at 2:30 and they've been closed.

Nope, I've stopped by multiple times during the week around that time.

Are there tubs or kiddie pools for the dogs to cool off in? Can I smoke at the bar?

Yes! And yes!

How can you get a drink here?

It's a bar

Is there a place for dogs to play out of the rain?

They have an off leash area and a leashed area that are partially covered

I have a large dog and was wondering if there is a separate area for them.

Theres great danes regularly there

Open normal hours today?

Yes, Dog Bar is open most holidays.

Can you uber eats to here?


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